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13 March

Global Carnival

Sat, 3-5:30pm
For everyone!
Global Carnival is the finale of the Global Fest 2021 to celebrate our diversity and connect beyond the borders of our cities and nations. For the first time, we will get to see faces of brothers and sisters from across the globe on one platform! Expect to hear inspiring stories from some of our pioneers from different parts of the world and interact with them live. May this touch our hearts desire to Pioneer, Pray and Sow into the kingdom and open our eyes that God can work through us wherever we are.

Find out the session timing in your locality. 

Zoom room opens 15 mins before the start of the session. Do login early.

Program Highlights

- 01 -

Interactive Connect Sessions
Connect and get to know brothers and sisters from our family of churches all over the world. Expect to have fun and make new friends!

- 02 -

Inspiring Stories
from Pioneers
Hear inspiring stories from pioneers who are pioneering in different parts of the world, using different ways and reaching different types of people. Our speakers will be sharing from their hearts about the vision God had given them, how they responded and how God had moved in their pioneering journey. The speakers will be coming on live to interact with you as well.
Featured speakers:
Ps Lance Wolter & Belle Wolter (Southern Africa)
Ps Lance and Belle are currently based in Southern Africa. Their heart for Africa is to build communities called Hope Hubs where the church helps the community with schools, farms, medical clinics and even job creations. Now, many churches have been planted in Southern Africa. It all started with stopping to help the one.
Ps Kit Siang
(Hope Nepal)
Hope Nepal was born out of the Nepalese ministry in Kuala Lumpur. Now, we have 12 key leaders and a family of 14 churches in Nepal. Ps Kit Siang will share the story of pioneering Hope Nepal from simply reaching out to someone at your doorstep.
Steve & Imee Mondala (Norway)
Steve and Imee are Filipinos who are based in Norway. They pioneered Hope Haugesund in 2007 with a small life group. Now, they are not only touching Filipinos but as they challenged people to step out of their comfort zones, they are now touching other internationals and even Norwegians. Wherever we are and whatever nationality you are, God can use you to love others.

- 03 -

Pre-Global Fest Contests Awards Ceremony


Song Composition



Selected winning entries of the contests will be showcased. We will announce the winners of each contest in this session. Join to support and celebrate our friends!

How do I participate?

This event is open to all members of HIM family of churches only. 

Watch out for the registration links which are emailed on 1 February to all Pastors & Coordinators (and your Church Administrators).


To all Pastors and Church Administrators, if you did not receive the links, please kindly contact Huoyu at for the information.


Registration closes on 28 February 2021. 

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Special Note!

Show up for Global Carnival dressed in a costume that represents and celebrates your nation and culture! You may stand a chance to win a prize!

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