"No one can do everything but everyone can do something."


 The real work comes after the fest! All of us can spark a new move of God in someone's life. All of us can touch a life wherever we are. Let's co-labour with Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission! What is important is that we RESPOND to God’s call.


The following are three ways that you can respond:



The following are some options if you want to pioneer a new work in a locality:


Talk to your leader about it and begin to pray and plan!​


Or you may fill in this form to indicate which continent or nation God had put in your heart to start a pioneering work. We shall get in touch with your pastor and yourself to give you more information and explore avenues to pioneer.


Or join the Hope Auckland Pioneering Team! If you have a heart for New Zealand, watch the following video about the potential pioneering of a life group in Auckland in 2021. If you are interested to join the pioneering team, contact Grace Ho with the information provided at the end of the video.


If you can’t go, then pray! The following are some suggestions of what you can do:


Set in a day in a week to personally pray for the locality, people group or country that God has put in your heart!


Join Ps Lai Ling and team for a monthly prayer session to pray for the nations and different regions. Registration info will be posted one week before the prayer meeting.


Set a time in your life group meetings to pray for a particular locality, people group or country. Watch this story of how Cheng Lip and his group prayed for Japan and how God sent some of them to Tokyo!


Sow into pioneering work with your time, finance and resources. How to do that? You can...


Approach your leader or pastor on how you can sow into pioneering works with your time and resources.


Give financially to Hope International Ministries (HIM) for our missions work all over the world. Click the button below to give.