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Pre-Global Fest


This year, we are going beyond providing you with an ordinary experience. Join us as we kickstart this event with our Pre-Global Fest Contests. We have four different categories that we believe will get your creative juices flowing. Awesome prizes await the winners, so get started today!

Inspire. Capture. Write. Create. Glorify

Contest Duration

The competition will be held from 4 January to 28 February, 2021.

All the entries must be submitted before or on 28 February, 2021. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.


This competition is open to all members of the churches under the Hope International Ministries (HIM).

Organizers and judges of Pre-Global Fest Contest are ineligible to participate in this contest.

The Categories

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Individual Covers Photo.png


Individual Covers Song.png

Song Composition

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We are excited to see what you have made!

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