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I Love My Community

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to get lost in the noise and chaos, especially in this pandemic. Perhaps it’s time to take a break, look around and appreciate even the smallest things.


This contest aims to effectively inspire people to explore and appreciate the beauty of the town/city/village they are from / live in. 


Create a video that tells a story of the subject - the history, culture, food/cuisine, people or scenery of the place they are from / live in.

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You stand to win these amazing prizes


USD 250

+ E-Cert of Merit


USD 170

+ E-Cert of Merit


USD 120

+ E-Cert of Merit

3 Consolations

USD 50

+ E-Cert of Merit

Judging Criterias

Sincerity and credibility of statement
Clear and compelling expression of message
Visual Appeal
Vocal ability and non-verbal communication
Practicality of the idea presented
Ability to effectively tell a story
The big idea
Artistic merit
Perceived personality and vitality
Feasibility of concept execution
Level of motivational messaging
Technical execution
Uniqueness of video title, tag and etc.
Video Set Up



  1. Contestants are allowed to submit multiple entries for the Contest but only one entry will be considered for the prize in respect of the same contestants.

  2. Submit the video with a title.

  3. Language: ENGLISH or any other languages with English subtitles.

  4. Video length: 3-5 minutes

  5. Video format: MP4 with a resolution of 720p with a clear audio quality. The orientation of the video must be in Landscape.  Submitted entry must not exceed 800mb in size.

  6. The video should also to be uploaded to the contestant’s Instagram account and contestant is required to put the hashtag #himglobalfest and tag @him.globalfest

  7. The contestant’s account must be set to “Public” mode and contestants must follow our @him.globalfest Instagram profiles.

  8. The Pre-Global Fest organizers shall share your video on Facebook and IG with hashtag #himglobalfest.

Submission is closed

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only original videos will be considered for the competition.

  2. Previously published videos are therefore excluded. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the entry.

  3. Copyright in all contributions accepted will remain with the video creators, and they are free to re-use their own video.

  4. The organizers reserve the absolute right to use names, photographs, videos and other materials obtained during the competition for publication purposes during, and/ or after the event. 

  5. Communication with contestants will be based on information stated on the website. 

  6. The organizers reserve the absolute rights to disqualify any contestant who fails to provide valid contact details. 

  7. All entries must follow the terms and conditions. 

  8. All decisions in connection with the contest shall be final, conclusive and binding. 

  9. By participating in the contest, the contestants agree not to challenge and/or object to any decisions made by organisers. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.