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Share your pioneering stories!

When you tell a story, you spark a connection. And stories passed on through generation, integral to culture and embedded in values. Stories preserve culture and pass on cultural knowledge from one generation to another. In essence, stories keep cultures alive. (Kingdom Culture)

Everyone has a story to tell. You have yours, and if you pay close attention to your story, you will realize that your stories are collections of your experiences. 

It is your perspective that shapes the meaning of your stories. Not everyone is able to recognise the words in the original writings of the bible, but certainly be able to empathize with characters like Joseph or Sarah when reading their stories.

Stories will always matter,

now and in the future.

Pioneering Series

Reflecting new norm of pioneering and outreach:

  • Creative ways to reach out to new people’s group, cross age / cultural / social economy / education / people from different walk of life.

  • How LG is like during unfavourable circumstances?

  • Creative ideas to have e-gathering, e-camp, e-activities (Dance / Exercise)


To touch various community:

  • Reaching out to stay home mom (created a platform to help them to sell their home cook product, providing them an opportunity for second income)

  • Zero Waste community, pack and distribute left over food to old folk home / orphanage.

  • OR Brisbane’s open pantry, offer free vegetables items to those in need

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Guide to Story-telling

(up to 30% of your story): 
  • How was your life like before the pioneering endeavor? 

  • What made you decide to start something? e.g. How did God convict you? were there any needs you saw that touched you, emotions that convicted you? Etc. 

  • How did God assure and provide confirmation to start pioneering? 

(up to 50% of your story): 
  • How did God open the door for pioneering? E.g. In the beginning, did God send a contact or were you lead to minister to a group of people? 

  • What were the early days like? Did you face any challenges? E.g. Did you ever feel like giving up, persecution from people, financial difficulties etc. 

  • How did God strengthen you? Or provide for you? 

(up to 30% of your story): 
  • What is it like now after pioneering? Share about how the endeavor impacted the lives and communities around e.g. personal life change, communities improving etc. 

  • How have God impacted you? E.g. How you have seen God change the way you view him, his people, his mission etc. 

  • What is the future like? E.g. Has God given you a blueprint of what is to come? Do you have a vision of what God wants to do more with this pioneering endeavor?

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